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Graphics gigs that sells faster than any other

A single gig cannot bring you thousands of dollars, If you have been wondering what type of give brings more sales for a graphics designer, then try the following:
Album cover
Image background removal
Versatile Logo
Infographics design
Business card design
Photoshop manipulation.
try any of these and follow it up, it could bring more sales

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Well, I would disagree with you. Everything depends on the current market demand, for example at this moment the market is over-saturated with some of the services that you have mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed, everything depends on what are you going to offer as an added value to your potential customers. An example would be a business card design that would say “fun & friendly” or “minimalist” business card design.

The demand is always there, you just need to find the right thing to offer.

Also, there are people that have only one gig which makes thousands of dollars (the pro sellers are the easiest example). Therefore, you can make a lot of money with just one gig, if it’s needed on the market, and you have an added value, superb quality, and other work-related parameters, which I don’t need to write.


I would create gigs to target a certain niche.

Hi,only mine one gig have earned me over $1000 .

i create a gig today.
How get i order ?