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Graphiuncle's public profile on Fiverr this my profile pls help me to know that why i am not getting order , why is not my gig sell? pls help me to improve , i need help very badly.


I don’t sell in your categories, but here are some basic thoughts. Your Photoshop edit gig has very simple samples. They mostly just show a different background color and could be done with a quick online tool. I don’t see how you could be competitive with serious graphic designers.

Your logo gig seems to have logos made using templates and the samples don’t appear to be original. People on Fiverr are coming here more and more for original design and serious unique offerings. They want a concept that is drawn up specifically for them. You mention creative instinct in your profile, but your samples need to show a lot of artistic style and creativity.


The “I will create an web banner, ads , social covers in 12 hour” gig - maybe reword the gig title
Also, “design” is spelt incorrectly a few times in the description and the video. Also “Guaranty” could be changed to guarantee.


thank you sir for your helpfull opinion :slight_smile: