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Grateful in hard times


It really brightens my day to wake up to another large order. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make rent this month because I’ve been getting so little hours during my day job.

Fiverr is such a blessing.


Yes it is at times. We’ve all been there.


But why did you set your English as basic, that might cost you some future clients, I am assuming that you are native speaker since you studied in the US and most likely an American.


Fiverr is wonderful!

Definitely change it to something higher than basic, you write (and I’m sure speak) excellently :slight_smile:


Congratulations, and a nice voice for voice overs/podcasts might I add.


Oops I didn’t even realize that!

Haha thank you. :slight_smile:


Why thanks! I am working on making a proper “podcast intro” gig. Just need to make the video now.




It’s kind of inspiring to see something that sounds as silly as Fiverr is Life Saverr for many people including me. :slight_smile: