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Gratitude Point : Amidst the Journey

Hello all !

Just wanted to share a success story with 2 reasons :slight_smile: 1. To share the joy I have and 2. If there can be any sort of motivation for you.

Being a seller, you would also have this experience that every new buyer brings new things to you. Sometimes, it’s joy, sometimes it becomes troublesome to reach to a common ground that helps you the buyer perfectly. But, if you have a buyer who keeps on coming to you and you have a perfect rapport with him is a blessings, i believe.

Recently, I completed order number 100 of a same buyer. He is from Sri Lanka and he keeps coming with his design projects. Out of sheer gratitude, I want to write his name but restraining myself with the thought whether it would be right or not.

Nevermind, the point is, to understand each other without exchange of much words, preference of his style (in his case, the clients of him are different every time), etc helps a lot to work with each other.

Fiverr is a pure joy in all the aspects and such buyers whom I met on Fiverr makes my experience pure gold. Thanks for reading me and letting me share my joy🙏