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Great client, confusing ratings

This is a minor rant. Funny and frustrating more than anything else.

So, in the last two months, I’ve gotten a series of orders from a single client who insists on leaving glowing reviews but only gives 4 stars in his ratings. And he reviews every single order!

Most of my clients are regulars and don’t review each order. As a result, this single dude has managed to bring down my overall 5 stars to 4.9.

Yes, yes, boohoo, I know. But it’s killing me because I can’t ask him why. :sweat_smile:

From what I can see, he’s happy with my service. He’s always saying how glad he is to have found me to edit his podcast, but he STILL KEEPS GIVING ME 4 STARS! :confused:

Anyway. He’s a good client otherwise. So, I shouldn’t whine.

/End rant.


Some people seem to believe that only God deserves 5 stars. Maybe.

If he keeps giving you 4 stars, eventually your rating might get low enough that you lose your level (if you don’t have enough 5 star reviews to compensate for it).

It might be a good idea to consider blocking that client before it comes to that (or not, if losing your level wouldn’t actually harm your business).


If the reviews are 4.3 or 4.7 it’s more than likely due to the long term app rating bug.
If you search the forum for 4.3 or 4.7 bug you will see that it has been around for a few years.

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UGH that’s frustrating!

My guess is that in his mind, 4 out of 5 is glowing. 80% is great; the only reason it isn’t great in our minds is because it doesn’t meet Fiverr’s standards. Glowing doesn’t necessarily mean perfect. It’s pretty subjective.


Totally agree with @catwriter - if the value of the work is enough to offset the reviews, and if you’re getting enough other reviews that your overall score remains high, do nothing. If it were me personally, I’d block.


Asking for a five-star review or any particular rating will get you a warning, suspension or ban. You clearly didn’t read the ToS. No one should give advice here if they don’t know the terms

It’s also downright unethical to ask for a specific rating. The purpose of ratings is give honest insight to prospective buyers. They aren’t there to help you.

Quality sellers don’t have to ask for five-star reviews to get them.


Unfortunately, you can/will receive a ToS warning if you ask your buyer that question.


I have been using this for long, and it is working… believe me TOS isn’t against this @hanshuber16

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You need to understand that this wasn’t an issue until recently.

Of late, Fiverr has been issuing warnings to sellers who ask such questions to their buyers. Asking your buyer questions such as “How can I improve?” “Is there any way I can improve?” “Can I have feedback on how to improve my services?” etc after you are done delivering the order can get you a ToS warning.

Case in point (that proves this is true) :arrow_down:


I don’t think my rating would go low enough to lose my level, but if there’s a threat of that, I’ll definitely do as you advised and block him. For now, he’s a regular and his requirements are relatively easy to meet. If the cons outweigh those pros, I’ll give him up in a puff. =)

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I had a client like that too. Always four stars. Well, in any other venue, four stars is excellent!

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This is good to know. I have had clients who left 4.3 stars out of the blue after very happy transactions. Those did seems off, but I didn’t ask them about the ratings ofc. I hope Fiverr fixes the bug soon, or gives us a way to report such ratings.

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I don’t think it’s a bug. 4.3*, 4.7* is not really a bad review but for fiverr as an average review, it is! I have a few buyers who left 4.3*, 4* review also tipped me. :joy: but in your case, since it’s bringing down your overall rating maybe you should stop taking orders from him. :thinking:

It is definitely a bug that has been around for about 2 years - these were the first 3 threads that I found but if you search you will find hundreds of threads over the past few years.


Considering that it’s been a known bug for about 2 years, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Will a bug be here for 2 years? That seems unlikely to happen. :confused: