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Great drawing, horrible coloring, what to do?

Sorry I am not sure what area to post this in forgive me if this is the wrong place, I paid for a logo and the artist did do a great job with the line art portion, I was so excited to see the final colorized version and it was just horrible. I requested a revision, but I am afraid of what I am going to get even in the revised version. Their portfolio is greatly colored but mine looks like a 2-year old colored it. My main question/concern is if they can’t work this out can I refuse part of the order but keep the black & white drawing and just find another seller to color it for me? For example drop the coloring gig, but keep the rest of the gigs like the drawing and vector gigs.

If you request to cancel a full order I’m afraid that you don’t have any right to use any part of the work which was delivered to you. In this case, if you are really not happy with the revised work when you receive it, simply ask your seller if they would be willing to cancel the existing order and sell you the part of the work you like at a discount.

Basically, you will have to engage in dialogue with your seller about this as there is no way to reduce the price of an in progress order.

I’ll try, but the communication with the seller is awful too. I will ask something and they’ll never engage in any dialog.

In this case, it might come down to how much you have paid and whether your delivery will include the source file for your logo. For instance, if this was me and I’d paid anywhere between $10 - $60, (and had the source file in hand) I’d simply accept the delivery as is with the intention of finding someone who can colorize the file to my liking for $5. Then I’d leave a review on the order stating how I felt about the service received.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should proceed in this way. But if I was happy with the logo design itself and had the source file this is what I would do.

All that said, it is still possible that your revised logo might be brilliant. In this case, maybe just keep your fingers crossed for now?

Yes I paid for the source files and with tax and everything cost me $68. I hope the revision will be good but I was sent the colorized logo and the arms were not even painted and the color scheme was an just awful pukey mish-mash of colors. Maybe I will just accept order and find someone else to color it like you said, because I do like the drawing.

Well, if you like the drawing this is the way I would go, just try and pick a seller who can do your colorizing work as cheap as possible but who can also provide you with a couple of samples of their past work and will be willing to do a revision or two. In either case, you are still getting a logo you are happy with for a pretty phenomenal price. It’s just a shame your original seller seems to be unable to help you get everything done under one roof.