Great experience on Fiverr. Great market!


I am very happy with Fiverr I started work on last year but I made upto $7000 in 6 months that I never make to doing Job in any company. I was working on Dubai as 3D Designer and they were giving me $400 Salary but when I started to make $1000 in month on Fiverr I was very happy and came back to my home land and resigned the job in Dubai.Now I am experienced 3d Artist done many jobs very happy in life. Thank you so much Fiverr.


Wow. That’s an incredible success story!

Keep up the great work and continue to share your amazing success story!




That’s fantastic! :grinning:


Congratulation. keep it up. :+1:


Super B :1st_place_medal:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


WOW @lufulio!, Yes Fiverr is Great Online Marketing Place,


I tried other sites but I feel very comfortable on fiverr , Its user friend and great policies but we have to be careful with quality of work and maintaining our rating.


Fiverr is great if you are great :wink:



Yes, I like to think that I’m “great”, so, I guess Fiverr really is great as well! :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations. Of course Fiverr is the best. Fiver is forever.



Freelancing Is great!


Thats really something. Well done ! :slight_smile:


Five stars for escaping exploitation central. I’ve heard absolutely horrendous things about wages, treatment, and working conditions of non-natives in Dubai. I won’t go there out of principle.

Also, no offense to anyone from Dubai. Personally, I avoid London, Singapore and most places off the old British Empire map for the same reason.


yes! why not. Congrats


#cyaxrex there are many companies don’t work according to rules and regulations.