Great Experience with Fiverr CS


I would like to share my First Good Experience with CS Team :stuck_out_tongue:. One of buyer ordered my Gig, But did not fill requirements for three days.

Later I get a message from her that It was ordered by mistake she wanted to cancel. I am not a Genius but how one can navigate three pages and make payment by mistake ???

I contacted CS asking them to look into it, as the cancellation was not legitimate and It would affect my ratings. I was waiting for more than 24 hours for their reply. And Finally, I get a notification that “Fiverr CS Cancelled Your Order” What ???

Then I got an email from the team saying “They have made sure that this cancellation does not affect my ratings”

Oh Yes! They care for sellers when they are not in default. :heart_eyes:


As you’ve had a great experience with CS, maybe you could think about changing your post title to something more appropriate, like ‘Fiver CS isn’t always biased towards buyers’? :slight_smile:


Would be a great way to save face and get on CS’ good side, but isn’t what this guy says at least partially true? Not that it should come as a surprise, customers first has long been the preferred policy for 90% of businesses.

here’s the deal: Fiverr is a for-profit company.
Shady? Maybe. Unfair? Definitely. Questionable? That’s up to you, you should have known the moment you signed up for it. Point is: just like you yourself would do, the site always tries to maximize profit. An unhappy customer will not only think twice before re-using the service they’re providing, there’s also a risk that they might badmouth the site as a whole.

Is there a way to emerge victorious from these disputes?
Well… you could try coming up with bomb-proof arguments. Ultimately, the best course of action is just letting it go. Your rates will eventually reset and - considering the average price paid for a gig - the money you lost isn’t worth the hassle. You mentioned not receiving details for the job, so it’s unlikely you even started looking into it before cancellation.


I really wasn’t referring to CS and how it conducts itself in a general way, I was just meaning that the thread title and the post didn’t correspond - nothing deeper than that! :slight_smile:


Well… I read it as if they were being sort of sarcastic?

I don’t know… might just be the stressful day but, for me, the post went something along the lines of “CS will only help sellers when they get something in return”. Hence the What ??? and the final sentence!


I just read it at face value - apologies if I misunderstood - if it was meant in a sarcastic way, then i missed it! :slight_smile:


Only OP can tell us more about that!


The thing is when I started writing this post and published it until then I had only news about the cancellation and I was very much frustrated.

But as I published it I got a mail regarding how the things were handled.

So my frustration vanished as I came to know that it was taken care of that my Gig does not get a hit.

Then I changed my Post. :slight_smile:


There are some in CS that want to help. There are others that want to apply the rules. I think that you got one of the good ones! I agree with that it is best to let these things go.


That explains it! I’m so glad it worked out for you, and thank you for changing the title of your post - we were all confused!

Good lick! :slight_smile: