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Great impression but no sell


My gigs are getting a lot views, impressions and clicks. But I ain’t getting any order. I am totally a new seller. Perhaps someone could help me to find out the lacking of my gigs


Maybe you are gonna get order soon as your gigs are getting a huge of impressions and views. But remind, getting a lot of impressions and views don’t warrant any sales that I have experienced. I have seen my friends gig getting huge views and impressions but he doesn’t get any order like you. I have not so much impressions and views but getting order after 3/4 days.

Best of Luck.


I have read that adding portfolio will increase the chances of getting more orders. I have seen an option termed ‘‘Add live portfolio’’. As I have not deliver any order yet, there is no example of my works that buyer can see. So how can I add my sample works in my gig?


Fiverr has given the opportunity to every new seller to put 3 images as a sample. Every time you create a gig, you get a chance to upload 3 images related to your gigs.

And sorry to say that you can’t add more images but 3 for each gig. But there is a chance to upload more of your samples once you completed an order if your buyer add your delivery to the review he has given. That work will automatically be shown to your uploaded gig images/your portfolio.



Sorry, but you actually aren’t 100% right. You can add 3 JPG / JPEG / PNG Images to your Gig but you can also add 2 PDFs to your Gig Display photos.
#So total = 5 Photos


You should listen this episode of Fiverr Podcast. :slight_smile:


Same here …I can’t understand the situation .