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As someone stated a while back, I think a big reason so many myths about social media marketing pervade in the forum is because of those “Get rich on Fiverr with no skills and no effort” YouTube videos, blog posts, etc. These are not credible sources.

Sellers parrot those and then other sellers parrot those sellers. Please stop this cycle and stop telling sellers to post their gig in groups, forums, Quora etc.!

So I thought I’d share some examples of credible social media sources:

Social Media Examiner - They share fantastic insights, tips and guides. Search “social media examiner” plus keywords for something you want to know about and you’ll get a bunch of helpful results.

Do this for other credible resources like Content Marketing Institute, Neil Patel’s blog, the Optinmonster blog, anything by Madalyn Sklar and the MOZ blog.

I also strongly recommend Hubspot’s free courses on Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales. You’ll learn how to identify prospect needs and interest and how to tailor your communications to that.

If you’re unsure if a source on social media marketing is credible, feel free to tell me what it is in thread and I will tell you.


Some very useful informations. Thanks.
Now a days everyone is busy in spamming that doesn’t return any value to what they are really doing it for. Instead if they focus on actual brand building with their targeted customers the process may be slow. But its gonna have a permanent positive impact


Well said! Lead generation on the web is all about building and nurturing relationships. If social media has a role, it will be in relationship building, not in gig link posting.

No one buys from or engages with a spammer!


Yes its very true indeed.
I am also facing lag of sales and by researchimg what can i do about it i found some pretty good marketing related lessons from very popular industry like google too.
Google’s digital garage. And google primer app has some very professional courses about marketing. And they are for free


Yes they are! So you liked Digital Garage? I was thinking it would be a good one to try!


Yes you can try it. They have variety of things organized in a unique way i can resist going through them even if that is not for my particular sector😅


True! It is nice to expand your skills and there are often things you can transfer to your own career.


Great tips forward everyone…:blush:

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Thanks for this, there is so much conflicting advice out there! I will definitely check out SME :slight_smile:

Thanks to share your resource in fiverr forum.

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These are very helpful, @humanissocial - I’d add Brian Dean’s backlinko, too …

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You’re welcome and thanks! I will check out Brian Dean.

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Thanks for the valuable information!

Because it is confidential information. You don’t get to tell people who your clients are… I shouldn’t have to explain that to you.


very useful information. Thanks for your tips

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Great tips. Thanks :relaxed:

Thanks for sharing great tips. I think that it will help us all.

I think ONe of the greatest thing in the fiverr is patience… Once i tried for 50 days but didn’t get any order. Then I tried again…THis time i started to get order. But I did some Miscalculation with buyer…About Their need. And Everyday i am learning from my mistake. Marketing is important but i think there are none place to market.

I don’t know what this means.

Thanks for the information