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Great new video on my gig - what else?


Hey everyone, so I created a gig, and the first day had just a few impressions and clicks. So I decided to do a video for my gig thinking that image alone isn’t really a good attention grabber. I made this really cool animated video with voiceover and everything, now I’m wondering is it enough? Do any of you guys have some more suggestions on how to stand up even more and hopefully get featured by fiverr?



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Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find lots of great tips to help you in the above. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Your gig looks amazing, to be honest. Did you make that video?


@visualstudios did nike make their ad? Or any other brand? :smiley: Honestly no i didn’t played witg clay or did 3D, i outsourced it from really great website(i wrote about this in other section of forum) , i make script and scenario, then hired guy for voiceover. That’s what fiverr suggests to do if you don’t have video making skills :slight_smile: I’m logo designer.


Yeah, that’s fine! I wasn’t accusing you or anything, it was a good move on your part. It’s just that it’s a great video. Your gig looks great, you should have no problems getting good clients :)I would actually look into moving to Pro, that could definitely be a Pro gig. Looks like one.


I second this. It’s worth a shot. With the quality of that work and the price you’re willing to charge for that quality, you seem to be a good fit for the program.


@visualstudios I wasn’t ofended no worries :slight_smile:
@wooden_fish Well guys thank you for such complaiment, i was allready thinking of aplying but wasn’t sure since i’m not influencer or have any solid following. But you guys definetly boosted my confidence :slight_smile: thank you


Quality and portfolio are everything. If you can show good work consistently, it does not really matter who you are so much :slight_smile: