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GREAT news with some BAD news with my Gig


I have created gig about a month ago. I regularly send proposals to Buyer Requests. I got 2 orders from last 15 days. Both are completed.

Great news are i completed both orders with 5 Star rating. Also one client has given a TIP.

Bad news is my On-time delivery drop to 50% , i think it is because my order goes LATE one time. IS IT CORRECT? also Sometimes buyer did not give me enough information and extended delivery 4 times?

Please anyone tell me how i increase my On-time delivery and also please respond to my above questions?

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Yes, that is exactly why your On-Time Delivery Percentage would have dropped to 50%. If you deliver after the clock runs out, no matter how long after or if the buyer likes the delivery, you will lose your 100% on-time percentage.

I’m assuming that these two orders are your only two so far, and that’s why with just one that was delivered after the clock ran out, it became late and dropped your On-Time Delivery Percentage to 50%.

As for what you can to to increase the %, try to get more orders and deliver them on time. If you need more time for a project, it might be helpful to increase the base delivery time in your gig. The only way to get it back to 100% from here would be to deliver as many as you can On-Time or wait the 60 days for the percentage to reset. Best of luck!



Thank you very much for this great information. I will keep in mind. And now i will try my best to get more orders and try to deliver ON TIME.

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