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Great Photoshop Editing


An excerpt from my gig…

Photoshop Editing

I offer intermediate photoshop editing at an affordable price. I have had previous experience working with photoshop which enables me to create stunning photos. However, I haven’t ever offered my services to others until now.

Here is a link to my gig if you’re interested: Geodelphian’s Great Photoshop Editing Link


Pray for you that get your first job soon


Thanks for your kind reply mate. Same to you. Who knows maybe you might be my first job. :wink:


I just updated my gig and reduced prices. Purchase it now while the sale lasts because the sale is only on for a limited time.


Anyone interested? Please? I’m really looking forward to my first order I promise I won’t let you down.


Good luck selling your gig out there. There is a lot of competition out there.


Maybe some before and after photos? I don’t see any difference from a normal picture.


Ok thanks for your advice. I will provide those soon because I’m currently busy right now. So would you be interested in purchasing my services? Kind regards, Geodelphian.