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Great Quality Illustrations and Characters!

Hello! I am an illustrator from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I can create characters and illustrations of great quality for your projects whether it is a book, a flyer, a magazine, etc. I belive in working hard and my priority is delivering good quality results for you.

Characters and Objetcs in my own unique style

Illustrations in my own unique style.

I will design any character, object, animal or other you may need.

For 5$ you will get a design of one character, portrait style, shoulders up, of your choice in black lines only. If you wish to order a full body character, fully colored, with an object or background, please read my extras below.

I can, if needed, make changes to my design, however, make sure you send specific information about what you need so you can get more accurate results.

Images come in JPG, TIFF OR PSD.

If you need some other type of project in the style I offer, do not hesitate to contact me. - See more at: