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Great Service but


I had an amazing service from a narrator who did what I needed well and on time. I gave him all 5 stars yet when the thing popped up, it showed as 4,1,4 which gave him a 3 1/2 overall rating. I didn’t need for this to happen, nor did I want to. Could any one recommend a way to fix it?


You can contact your seller and ask them to ask you to change your feedback (I know that all sounds the wrong way round!), and they should be able to start it from there.


And if that doesn’t work you can always reach out to customer support. Let them know it wasn’t your intension to leave a 3 star review. They will be able to fix it for you.


As I think now You can’t change it. you should ask Customer Service support. they can change it. :slight_smile:


@annai80 @mnsartstudionew Fiverr Customer Support cannot edit/change reviews, they can only remove it. So, the Feedback changing dispute is the only way to go for.


If the 30 days since Order completion haven’t passed, you’ll be able to leave a new Review after the Fiverr CS removes your previous one.

This will give you a chance to give your Seller the desired 5 star rating.


You are absolutely correct Taverr. They would likely remove the one left and allow the client to leave a new one.


As the buyer had left me a 4.5-star rating in that case, with a good review, so perhaps CS didn’t suggest me for that. Or I was being too greedy. Lol :sunglasses:


Yeah I would consider 4.5 a great review especially now with all the review changes.