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Great, someone is using my work (image) with fake review

I noticed that the seller literally has stolen my work (image) from my gig and published it in his gig with fake review (4 months ago). You can see that he has plenty of that fake reviews from the same “buyer” profile. I contacted him to ask him immediately remove my work from there and works of other artists, but he has blocked me. I’ve contacted Fiverr Support, they said that “Both users were sent for further investigation and a review by the relevant team”. But that seller still continues his “illegal” business. Anyone can check that images, that images are stolen from different artists. Yes, you may think that nothing will happen because of one image, but why should he “steal” buyers as well with his fake reviews and with works of other artists? *************

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I’m so sorry. I actually can’t find this seller or their gigs. Maybe they were taken down and you’re seeing the cached version?

This user doesn’t seem to exist now. I checked Google too.


I checked it from incognito tab and from another browser
He even has 1 order in queue :smiley:

Sorry now I found him. Weird. I will report this as a stolen gig.


Thank you! Not a problem, anyway I think that my report will find a solution, if not, I will report again.

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Youre welcome and sorry again for the mix up… Not sure why it wasn’t showing on my end. Best to not report more than once. CS will get annoyed and may not help you if they do. Maybe it will just take them some time. They’re swamped because of all the new sellers.

Hope they sort it soon!

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Not a problem, thank you!

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I just want to add something. When you notice someone is using stolen artwork yours or from somewhere else you get nothing by contacting them. Report them immediately.


It is all because of my kindness :roll_eyes:. I saw that he has about 100 reviews, that is why I tried to give him a chance and as a result he has blocked me. Then I noticed that majority of his reviews are fake, and now I am ready to send him a ballistic rocket after what he did :smiley:

i only can help report him. Hope it solved soon. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

I reported PRO and TRS sellers with 2000 or 5000 reviews the moment I noticed they are using artwork from other artists (example from some smaller artists that upload their work on their university site or similar so it is not wide known and easily searchable).

In 100% of time these were accounts with 6-8 years of age so the reviews and status did not came from quality but quantity and buyers being amazed by garbage with ribbon on top.

I wish I could see the face of my (now frequent buyer) when I showed him that the video I made for him is not made in Premiere, AE, Vegas, DaVinci and other bananas, but in Powerpoint.

You (sometimes) do not need expensive tool to create amazing art, but having expensive tool doesn’t mean your art will be good.

I use AE and other heavy nonsense that I hate and wasting my SSD space only when it is absolutely necessary.

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