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Great Talent and Excellent Service


Hi, I’m Arnold, I am a Graphic Designer and Video Editor.

Can i help you today?



Hi and welcome!

I’m interested in your “5 Real Presentation” gig.

Will contact you thru your Fiverr page.



Every now and then when a gig catches my eye, I order it from the seller as a test just to see the final product, quality, service etc.

Yesterday I ordered a gig from @uniqonmedia. I gave him a website (per his instructions) and no other direction at all. In fact I told him to "just run with it."

What I got back was pretty cool… and for just $5 !!

Plus he communicated well, which is a factor that ways weighs heavily in my decisions whether or not to buy from someone, and continue to work with them on future projects

I suspect if @uniqonmedia does his Fiverr homework and continues providing good work, we’ll see him level up soon.

That is all. :slight_smile:


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What on earth does your post have to do with OP?

If you want to self promote, create a new discussion under MY FIVERR GIGS.



Adding a voice over to your whiteboard video will help sales.

Hmmmm, I wonder where you could find an experienced pro voice over?