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GREAT Tips For Buyers Logo Design Order!

:-h [Tips for Order Design gigs] Do not believe on “Gigs Image Samples”, Believe on live portfolio samples.


Hello Buyers,

How are you every one? I am a seller but this is my 1st tips for fiverr buyers!!!

"Do not believe on Gigs Image Samples, believe on live selection samples."

Yes, it is. You will find a lot of design gigs (like logo design, banner design, e-book design etc) on fiverr with very good-looking and amazing superiority gig sample images. But when you order on those gigs, quite a few times you will be upset. For the reason that the final deliverable will satisfy you. And you will a long dissimilarity connecting there gig samples and your logo samples.

What’s the reason?

The cause is, many designers put in a number of googled images samples on there gig to attract buyer and to take enormous order. Excluding the samples they shown on there gig wasn’t made by their self. The just look for on the web and set up some good-looking samples and add those on their gigs. So it misleads you.

So what to do? How can you justify a seller design quality?

Yes, there is a way. Check their live portfolio samples and as well their buyer review. It’s 100% genuine if that seller isn’t buyer.

Am I doing so? Please check my gigs here.


I understand what you are saying. But for those who have a listing up that has not been ordered, they will not have any live portfolio samples. Plus, even those who do have listing with completed orders, may not have Live Portfolio enabled for their gig. Though easy enough to figure out how to do that, it is not clear how to enable. I always offer to send samples of my real work to potential customers, and I have Live Portfolio enabled on all my gigs.

Thanks. Your gigs looks great, hope your portfolio images too. **==

thanks your advice

i think buyer follow your instruction

any buyer never order your gig

  1. no level
  2. only on positive feed back (positive but late delivery message)
  3. no sample Portfolio image

    lol :((

I have 100% feedback but no portfolio for logo design :frowning:

i am agree with your idea’s.

Reply to @pubudurox: He only shear his great idea, not his services advertised.

Wow…Superb precaution.

But i have no order and portfolio for logo design. :frowning:

Reply to @logo__bd: ok thanks

Should we take it a step further and caution against sellers who use template software to create their logos? If this is what buyers wanted they could simply download the demo of the software and complete the design themselves. A logo just simply cannot be unique if you can reproduce it and sell the same thing to someone else.

Yes indeed.

A live portfolio is basically the key to knowing if the designer is a professional!

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

i am looking for my first order,even though i am not a level 1 or 2 seller,i will put everything i have into your gig. Beleive.

I don’t like my live portfolio sometimes because often buyers will not allow you to do your best work. They will ask for revision after revision until the design looks crappy and not what you had originally intended. The customer isn’t always right!