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Great tips for buyers

Yes fiverr is the worlds widest market, but being the worlds widest market doesn’t mean that it’s trust worthy. Some people create gigs there can’t offer.

Some claim to be a graduate, but has never seen the front gate of a university before.

I’m not saying you should not give out you job, but give them out in queue


How do I know whether the seller is the one who successfully graduated from the university or the one who still enters the university through the back gate but has never graduated?


No one knows, I’m only trying to say that a buyer should look for the right seller.

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How can a buyer look for the right seller?

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By Showing her/ his past activity


that`s why fiverr give power to cancel order to buyer or money refund. Its helpful in that stitutation


buyer can always cancel order or can demand refund

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thank you for the article

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You are welcome

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Well… this isn’t really a marketplace to boast about your degrees. Performance in KPIs all the way baby.

Personally, I’d be wary of someone here who used their degrees to get ahead, especially if they were new. So what? 12 year old kids can write better code than 40 year olds with doctorate degrees in programming. Besides, anyone with a PhD in that would likely be involved in really interesting advanced future tech dev, not “I will program a quirky little program for you for $5”.

In short, check reviews, do research, select who is best for the task.


The only thing that matters here is what are you delivering, the quality of your work and your track record. Most false claims are easy to spot. It would be impossible to graduate from an English speaking university without an ability to write well. Even designers with four year degrees first must pass college level English classes.
Some sellers can do well without any formal education. SEO experts for example usually are self taught. Good voiceover artists can be self taught as well. You can be an excellent graphic designer and be self taught.

appreciative :slightly_smiling_face:

You are replying 4 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

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I think the important thing is not a diploma or degree, but important skills in a particular area that is provided. You can easily find out what your candidate is capable of by simply talking to him about a topic that interests you.

This post is from 2015 and the OP is no longer on Fiverr!

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First of all, I think you should pay attention to materials and files in account. It have to match the gig and profile description. Also, you MUST contact with seller before making the order, so you can understand what a person in front pf you. Communication is important. There is no good news, if a seller communicates arrogantly with you. I think, good seller should be polite and understanding.

You hire just reviews and skilled person

There are no specific tips. Let customers look at the reviews if the seller is new it is better to write to him and see what his manner of communication is

You Just Hire Good Reviews and Skilled person

Thats right. But there are genuine sellers too i think.