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Great tool for Fiverr sellers!

Hey Everyone!

We have been really enjoying selling on Fiverr and feel that it is important to be professional and treat this like a real business. There are many great tools out there to use along side Fiverr such as excel sheets, google docs, google drive, etc. A great tool that we have been using for the past month and love is the IF app. IF takes all of your Fiverr sales and automatically puts them into a google spreadsheet for you to check revenue and sales volume. This tool is immensely helpful for growth and seeing how well your sales have been doing over a period of time. If anyone has any suggestions for tools that have helped their Fiverr business we would love to hear about them. Thanks!

Yes, excellent app indeed!

I long for the day when I will need a spreadsheet to track my sales on Fiverr as I’m only sixteen days in with under twenty-five sales under my belt. Easy for me to track in my head at this point, haha!

Thanks for sharing your tips I will definitely use them when I reach that level of awesomeness! :slight_smile:

Everyone needs to start somewhere… Just be professional, friendly, and provide a great service and you will be climbing the ranks in no time! Good luck :slight_smile:

want to know more about the app…i mean i can see my sales report at analytics also so what is the key benefits? sorry but i dont know about it…

Thanks for sharing information. It’s useful for sellers only who keeps getting orders regularly and making big bucks.

It is just a good tool to keep track of your day to day sales and overall growth. If you are someone who likes to know exactly how much money you are making every week and watching the growth of your small business then it is a simple tool that will do the work for you. Analytics doesn’t provide all the information for each weeks sales volume, or show month to month growth.

Yeah it is probably not necessary unless you have a substantial sales volume and are trying to track your growth on a week to week basis. On the other hand though, I wish I kept track of my sales when I first got started so I could see the progress I’ve made in charts and graphs.

25 sales in the first 16 days is already great!

Yes! I wholeheartedly agree as I’m very appreciative of my early success. :slight_smile:
I’m just looking forward to the day when I will need an accountant to keep track of my sales that the TOP rated sellers need. Ha!

such a nice tool… Thank you to share with all. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check it out. I’ve always just downloaded into excel and run some of my own charts and graphs. Does it give me information beyond that?

ok…thanks to get me know that…will try it for sure.

The IF app takes the manual aspect out of it. If you are fine with entering all the information yourself and keeping track of it by hand then the tool is of little use to you - but if you would rather just let the system take care of the work for you then it is an easier way to keep track of revenue and sales. IF uses something called “recipes” you can mix a lot things together - I put google spreadsheets and fiverr mixed together. When I receive a new sale it adds the sale to my spreadsheet and shows my revenue and I later can calculate profit by taking the revenue x .80 (20% to fiverr).

4 sales in the first 4 days thanks!!