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Great Website Banners / Facebook Business Page or Cover Page Designs


More graphic gigs here! I just re-activated my banner gig due to a request. So, thought I would give it a plug here. I do custom website or ad banner designs, including horizontal or vertical designs. You can use them on Wordpress sites, regular websites or even as ads for advertising.

Includes your logo and an image you supply or I get for you (I have access to very high quality professional, crisp stunning graphics). Need more images? 3 for $5 - and they are included in the design. I also do Facebook Business Page designs or Facebook Cover Pages designs (gig extra of $10).

Marketing expertise will be applied so that you can convert shoppers into buyers!

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


Also check out my Postcard design gig!


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I just ordered her banner gig unfortunately I clicked on the postcard gig instead (my eyesight is horrid) Anyhow I am going to spotlight her gig this coming weekend and that is why I ordered it. I am psyched and hopefully she didn’t curse me because I ordered wrong… UGH I just became one of the buyers we rant about :o)


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you so much, I am a fan of yours (and a customer) as well!!