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Greatness everytime i log on to this thing, its always money


this is great. every time i log on here i another person wants to hire me. i almost cnt belis is becomming. this eive how great th


Unfortunately, you appear to be exaggerating greatly. According to your Fiverr profile, you just joined Fiverr this month (February), you have no reviews, no one has added your one gig to their favorites, and, based on what I can tell, you do not appear to have sold anything.

I don’t recommend making up falsehoods in order to appear successful. It’s not hard to see the truth. Pretending will not earn you sales, and, unfortunately, may earn you the wrong kind of reputation.

If you truly wish to be successful, I encourage you to take your work here on Fiverr seriously. Because, if you don’t, no one else will either.


I believe the point was people want to hire him but not actually hiring him in the end. That is why I also cnt belis is becomming. this eive how great th


@mellowkinggroov: I have no idea what you are saying?

Are you saying that every time you come to the forum you get orders as jonbass said?


Gee… Clearly some don’t realize how easy it is to verify some claims.

OR, the sarcasm didn’t work in written form.

Either way, always an interesting mix of sellers here.


He is a funny dude but in all things let us stay positive. I advice you friend just work hard and the skies will be your starting point.


Um, scratches chin. They want to hire you or hires you, hence “its always money” statement?


Why is no one more concerned?

This person obviously had a happiness induced stroke whilst typing.


A new picture? Google now tells me that you’re a Russian Playboy model.


Beautiful. I’m almost tempted to hire a VOA with a lovely deep gravelly voice and Shakespearean intonation to give this post the extra gravitas it needs. Patrick Stewart would be ideal.


I think you need a subscription to grammarly…


First, your post makes it very hard for me to believe you are a female. I don’t know many women who uses the word “dude” in writing or speaking.

Second, why are you referring to someone you don’t know as “friend?” Not typical language in writing or speaking.

Third, like catwriter said, I don’t believe your picture.

Last, I am also having a hard time believing three people ordered your eBook gig at $30 to $100. You have over 30 spelling and punctuation errors.

If you really are a blond female writer from the U.S. who likes to say “friend” and “dude” to strangers on the internet - then prove me WRONG.

If you can prove me wrong, I will buy your most expensive gig.


I wasn’t going to be the first person to write something like that :wink: Reading that post is like like listening to someone scratch a chalkboard. English, isn’t an easy language. People that act like good grammar isn’t important, really get to me. I’ve spent years learning it. You never stop learning, so it’s never good enough. This joker comes across like Gary Busey trying to speak Mandarin Chinese while drunk, being translated by Google Translate which somehow also was drunk; translating that into Spanish then back into English. Kill me. Make the pain go away.


Live in California for a while and you’ll hear a lot of females use the word, “dude.” You may be right but females saying dude is very common in the US.


You’re totally right.


Okay, perhaps in CA but not in U.S. overall. I’ve lived in the SE portion for majority of my life and we in the south don’t say that to strangers.


I’ve lived in California, Tennessee, Arkansas, New York, Spain, and Japan. I’ve said, “Dude” to all kinds of people and people copied me. You know why? You copy people that you vibe with. I have 46 years of spreading the awesome sauce - The dude abides… DUDE

Oh and when I worked for Apple, Inc. I literally said that to thousands of people for 7 years.

I just said “Dude” the the interwebs.

Rock on Dude!

: )

“Matte nae dudes!” a little Romaji for the for my Japanese dudes and dudettes = later dudes


Okay then! Right back at ya, dude!! :grinning:


Ah… i thought that is the real pict…
a little bit truned down there. But i think that 's her/his strategy.


That killed me…
Thank you for that.