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Greed Is Not Go

Hello, Fiverian,
We are a team of SEO work and we are experts in our work.
Before someday, a client message us that they have a tax website newly launched for his business, they want to rank for, They say to send a proposal of price and what work to be done on monthly basis. He is a top Buyer. And he had 30 keywords with high competition also for rank in the USA. And a huge list Of states in the USA. We send him a proposal after reviewing all the keywords and state. and send him a proposal of 400$ with a monthly basis fast with all work need to rank his website. Till 2 days he is online not reply anything, even we talked from a month when his site is in development How we charge 15$ for 1 keyword. So his 30keyword*15=450$, we say 400$. Then we checked the keywords again when he doesn’t reply and after checking again and so he wants to work on a monthly basis we send them the proposal of $290 again. Also after 3 days ( always online). He replying that "Why did you fast say $400, “Greed Is Not Go”. Can anyone tell us how we got greedy here? Here is our gig

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Hi @me_bharat

My opinions: You should reduce your price is your client didn’t ask for it…,
If you didn’t lower your price, client will think that the price match with your skill.
But if you suddenly lower your price even buyer didn’t ask…, it show that you are desperate for work, and this new lower price is the “normal price” for your current skill.

and your Premium GIG High Competition is $175
“Best monthly package”

How come it become $400? it 2x than your best gig.
Maybe it because of this…, People miss understood your offer.

Wish you luck,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

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So you offered him 400$ price, he didn’t reply to you, you started getting obsessed with this client and checking if they are online or not. He didn’t answer to you, you panicked and decided to offer even lower price of 290$? Is that correct?


This is for up to 10 keywords(You can check) and he saying to work for 30 keywords so 175*3= 525$, only we say 400$

No, we when we talk to your more clients, we show that they are online and not replying anything, although we talked from 1 month before his site was done. and he replied

Ah…, I see…, I miss out that “upto 10”
Then i think you need to change your gigs description info more clearly.
So people didn’t miss understood like i do.

Thank You for the suggestion, but Fiverr give 1200 words to write the description, our 1200words complete. By the way, we think that’s the best place to write “up to 10”, the buyer needs to see everything before.