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Greedy buyer asked for more, leaved review 2 stars!

Hi Everyone! I know this might sound familiar but I need some help! I just had an buyer who from the beginning contacted me and asked about an custom order for one of my gigs. To be short, after following all the instructions and samples that he accepted he didn’t like my work and even I offered more then he asked, he gave me an 2 star and this impacted me on my ovverall rating. Now I’m afraid that I’m going to be demoted from Level because I’m currently at 4.4. I have time until next evaluation in September 15, 2018. Need advise and help how to grow my rating in order to not be demoted. Thanks in advance since I’m new!!

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Check this out: for how to get more orders.


I’d just deliver the best quality you can, closely following the buyer’s requirements. Remind them on delivery that they can ask for changes if required.

Also, I’d try to ensure the work done for a seller is in a relevant/most relevant gig (the buyer who left the rating seems to have ordered the " I Will Create Motivational Image Quotes Branded With Your Logo" gig but there doesn’t seem to be a quote on their image - or maybe that was just one of the images delivered. Also, I’d ensure the person who the quote is from is mentioned in the quotes, eg. “the quote” - Author of quote - that’s not really relevant to the rating but I think may be better for copyright reasons?).

You could also, at least least until the evaluation, make sure that the gigs that are active are the ones you are the very best at/the ones you think you’ll be most likely to get the best ratings on.

Also, at least for the first few orders for a particular gig It’s probably a good idea to offer revisions and try to keep the buyer happy even if they change the requirements a bit later on. Basically the first few reviews are probably the most important for a gig.

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