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Greedy Buyer sabotaging with bad review, help me fix my 100% reputation by letting me work for you

I must say, I’m really good at what I do, I remix tracks, write original music, mix and master in my pro studio this is what i do for a living. Here’s my story.

Couple days agoi did a half days worth of work to satisfy a buyer, for no reason more than the goodness of my heart, I’m not getting rich here on $5. He wanted his vocals mixed and mastered with a karaoke track…piece of cake, right? WRONG!!

He gave me 7 vocal cuts, to edit together in a language I don’t understand, I explained this to him, as to why he was supposed to send me the track as one file. he agreed and he did, 2 days later. All of the work was done, everything sounded impeccable, but he wanted extra files. MP3’s ripped from youtube and isolated vocal mixes. this was never part of the deal. So he tanked my rating, and wrote a horrible review about the work I had done for him, which was stellar considering his inability to sing in tune. Oh did I mention the instrumental track and vocal weren’t recorded together? NIGHTMARE!

So I’m over it, but to get my ratings back on track, I’ll need your help and support. Check out my Gigs, I have stellar reviews from all my other buyers and overdeliver on every order. Judge for yourself if the bad review was warranted by letting me help you with your projects!

Thanks in advance: