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Greeting message questions


Hi everyone

As a guy who has been looking for the Fiverr potential for over two months now I have not taken the leap yet. For two reasons, one being I’m not completely ready yet and might need a break a few months later so it’s better to start when I am completely ready. And the other being that I still am not completely sure what I want to try .

But there’s something I’m really interested in and I would like to try this on Fiverr as well which brings me here today to ask the question. I just got myself a website and I want to make it into a greetings/messages website which will have in it greetings and messages for Birthdays,Anniversaries and other stuff along with pictures all done by me .Most of them will have a humorous type of message. Now I have a few questions which I would like to get your feedback on

  1. Almost all the gig profiles start with the sentences like’ I will make you…For $5.00’ or ‘I will design for you… For $5.00.’ So basically they all say that they will do something for someone because that’s what fiverr is about. But I would like to sell them greetings which are already made by me. So I won’t be able to use the words like ‘I will make you’. I need to go with the terms ’ I will give you or I will sell you … for $5.00’ ( that was an example ). So my question is can I use terms in my profile like ‘I will sell you ’ or give you’ because that would be appropriate term to use for the service I’m selling but not ‘doing’ for them ? I think it should be OK since people sell ebooks and that’s already made.But I would still like some feedback from the experts. Not worried about making money because if I’m allowed to do it I can come up with good ideas later to sell

  2. For this to be successful they have to visit my web site and see all the greetings that are available. It’s like a menu book when you go to a restaurant and you choose what you want to eat and you ask the waiter to get it for you. They will not have any access to the actual greeting pages. If they want a certain greeting message with a picture or whatever, they will let me know the number and I will give them the URL of the page/s through a private message. My questions here include

A. Am I allowed to give the URL of my homepage on my profile gig everyone to see or should I have to send that privately as well ?

B. Once they want something from me and ask for it by the numbers on the menu, I will send out to them the URL of the page of the greeting. is that alright ? Because I don’t want all the greeting messages and pages to be open for everyone because I won’t be able to make any money if everyone has access to everything for free.

So basically there are three questions here, 1,2A and 2B Please give me some feedback because the responses here do relate directly to whether I can do this kind of work in fiverr. I really want to do this

Appreciate your help !


Not even one reply ?


I would contact customer support for this, since I’m not quite sure if it’s against the ToS or not. The most important thing: If you ever link to another website or else, make you that there is no possibility for the buyer to contact your outside of Fiverr.


Fiverr tells you some things on URLs, if you want absolute certainty for things that doesn´t answer, I´d recommend Customer Support as well, nothing other forum users can tell you gives you anything official you can use, if anything goes wrong.


Can I direct my customers to my website WITHOUT putting it on the gig profile ? For example can I write that I will sell five greeting / messages for $5.00 and then instruct them to message me privately so I can give them the URL of my website ? So basically I’m still getting customers to view and buy my stuff without actually putting the URL on the gig profile ? Do I have to make it obvious on the profile page what I do ?


Contact with buyers introduced by fiverr is supposed to remain on fiverr. Is there a way that your buyers can fill in their requirements on fiverr? If you send them a pdf file of al the options and then they choose?

This then keeps it all legit and avoids breaking any fiverr rules.