Greetings Everyone & Happy Wednesday


Good afternoon,

My name is Steven Vilkas and I’m the Co-Founder/Director Of Digital Development & Social Media at my father and I’s startup: S&S Consulting. This post isn’t a sales pitch however - simply an introduction :slight_smile:. In addition to being a Startup founder, I’m also an aspiring social entrepreneur, aspiring data scientist, with a guilty pleasure in the form of dad jokes and dank memes.

I discovered Fiverr through an advert on the interwebs and am interested in figuring out how best to help my ventures and others through it. If anyone has further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It is a pleasure beyond measure!


Finally! I thought I was the only one here with that problem addiction guilty pleasure :eyes:

Welcome aboard, Steven! :confetti_ball:

Now, before you embark in your Fiverr journey, here are the recommended readings to learn & avoid problems down the road:

  1. Terms of Service - as boring as it may sound, it’s actually written as a great guide!
  2. The Support Page - here you’ll find all the help you need :wink:
  3. UpYour Post Series - an amazing series of posts from one of our Forum Moderators to help you

And if you plan on staying longer on the Forum with us and have good laughs or find out things about things on things, you should also be going through some of the Community Rules & Guidelines topics


Welcome, @Woofy31 gave you some good resources. Enjoy!



Actually, I had never heard of dank memes, but this is what came up when I searched them. :wink: