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Greetings from a small group of siblings, Fiverr!

Hello hello all, Fiverr!

We are a group of youthful siblings who just started our first Gig August 2018. Let us introduce ourselves!
Collectively, we maintain a YouTube channel called Infinitum: Opus, a small (originally gaming) channel where we are trying to broaden our content to attract viewers. We are all homeschooled since 2013. We love Japanese Pop Culture and drawing anime/manga art.

So help look after us as we begin a possible career on Fiverr!


Welcome to Fiverr. Hope you have an awesome time selling on this wonderful platform. I am a gamer too… What kinda games do y’all like to play? I prefer playing multiplayer online battle arena games such as league of legends and battle royale type games such as PUBG (I don’t really enjoy playing Fortnite though).

Also, if you siblings haven’t already gone through the ToS, I’d suggest that you do so cuz Fiverr has a lot of rules which need to be kept in mind while working on this website. It will help you stay out of trouble. Here’s a link to the ToS-

The forum also has a wealth of resources for you to read through. It will help get you settled quicker.

Here’s an excellent and highly informative post that you could consider starting with-

Happy selling! :sunny:

P.S: I’d suggest that you change the category of this forum thread to the more appropriate “New User Introductions!” Thanks.

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@hanshuber, thank you for the tips!

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