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Greetings from Boulder, Colorado!

Hi and thanks for reading!!!

Still new to Fiverr and feel like there is a bunch of resources I haven’t begun to tap into- seems like everyone else on the Forum is wayyyyy more experienced!

What are some tips and advice that you have for a newb?


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Hi Charles, and welcome!

Have you read the seller help center? (support-help&education-seller help center) It’s full of good advice for new sellers. I use to give it another read every now and then.

Awesome- I take a look again! I’ve been reviewing a lot of the resources available, I just thought there might be some secret recipe that Fiverr forgot to mention for newbs :slight_smile:

Thanks for visiting and replying!

@developimage - :slight_smile:


My advice is to read the Forum Do’s and Don’ts :sunflower:

Thank you! Just read through it- very useful.