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Greetings from Florida!

Hello everyone! My name is Dominic Desmarais, y’all are welcome to call me Dom if you wish. I’m a Voice Actor living in Florida.

My account has existed on Fiverr for quite a while, but, I haven’t done anything with it until recently. I’m hoping that Fiverr’s algorithm doesn’t have me buried due to inactivity for so long.

I’m looking forward to getting know some of you gurus and maybe learn from y’all what it takes to be a successful freelancer.

Much Love,
Dom :heart:


Welcome to fiverr Forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

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Welcome! How feel here!!

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Dom, you have a name that is screaming to become the title of a Vampire novel. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m probably going to steal it.

Welcome to Fiverr. All I’d suggest (and what I suggest to all obviously talented voiceover artists) is that you raise your starting prices from $5 to the $20 mark. You have a pretty killer voice and have created a fantastic into for your gigs, You are easily worth more than $5 and $10.


Greetings Dom from Nairobi Kenya… Welcome to the Forum.

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Wow, Cyaxrex, that means a lot! You’re more than welcome to “steal” my name for a novel, I would be deeply honored!

As for the gig, in truth I started it at $20 then lowered it to be more inline with what I was seeing on other, similar, gigs. I will take your advice, though, and raise the price back up.

Also, you have no idea how glad I am to hear that you like the intro! Here’s hoping others do as well!


You are welcome to forum. How is Florida?
I hope you meet up with your expectations here, good luck.

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80 degrees and sunny! That’s how Florida is LOL :heart:

In truth, it’s pretty crazy here this time of year. We get a lot of tourists. I don’t mind tourists, in general, but I could do without the traffic!

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Where in Florida do you live? I’m in Dania Beach.

As for Florida, between the traffic, rain, humidity, heat, etc, I think our State should come with a warning label. We’re already infamous for “Florida Man.” Apparently all the nuts come here for the “beautiful weather” and do the craziest things.

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Nice… Do without the traffic! Sounds strong. I like that.
How has it been with you as freelancer?

I live over in Lakeland. I had to look up Dania Beach because I hadn’t heard of it before. It seems like a gorgeous place on the map.

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I’m pretty new to Freelancing, to be honest. Time will only tell.

The stage is set, the curtains are rising, the people are hushed, the overture has begun and now we wait for the story to unfold.

Here’s hoping it’s a success story :heart:


Lakeland is 3.3 hours away from me, right in central Florida. Dania Beach is pretty, but crowded, although not as bad as South Beach. I like old Florida, like Pensacola, places that still feel like the South.

May you find plenty of customers on Fiverr. My advice would be to find a niche, like real estate voice over, hotel, restaurant voice over, in addition to the gigs you already have. Or you can have different gigs, maybe one for voice overs, one for writing or editing voice over scripts, one for mixing audio, anything based on your talents.


Nice… Do without the traffic! Sounds strong. I like that.
How has it been with you as freelancer

No reason why not!

Enjoy the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great motivation. The stage is set, curtains are rising, people are hushed, overture begun. Yes the story will definitely unfold…

Success story awaiting! Sure❤️

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All of my training and experience, as it relates to show business, is in Voice Acting. I wouldn’t feel right accepting payment for services I’ve never done ( such as writing) or never been trained to do. Generally speaking, while I do mix my own audio, I pay someone to master the final mix unless I’m in a situation where I absolutely must do it myself.

Come to think of it, maybe I should include that information in my description somewhere. :thinking:

I’m currently waiting on an order for Whiteboard Animation to pair my audio with for my gig ad. My booth is accent-lit to help engage various emotions, but, that lighting isn’t enough for a video. That, and, I don’t have any screen acting experience so I feel like I would devalue myself if I made a video of me.

TLTR: I focus on performing and a portion of the income I earn from performing goes to other professionals to help create the final product. :heart:


Never give away the recipe to your secret sauce! - Also, this is why you should raise your prices. :wink:

I really like your voice. I have an explainer video gig and real estate video gig that I badly need to revamp. If you are ok with it, I’ll PM you in the new year to see about collaborating.

Don’t get excited. My sales on those gigs are dire at present. However, that could change with the right VO guy.


That sounds great to me! You’re welcome to PM me any time!

As far as your sales being dire; what are you doing to promote them? Once my gig video is finished and I’m able to extrapolate my average sales per week/month/quarter I was planning to run a daily-limit ad on Quora (keeping that limit at 10% of my average sales or lower).

For your explainer videos: if you google “Power Tool Company” you get 764,000,000 results. All of those companies may not know it right now, but, they need someone to explain how their products work. You could contact a few a day. Rub the right elbows and you might find yourself busier than you’ve ever been :heart:


Nothing. However, I have a new marketing strategy going live in the new year. I just need to revamp my website before I do and I hate website work. I’ll PM you when I get things ready and explain my strategy in a bit more detail.

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