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Greetings from Gogein


Hello, everyone!

Nice to know you. My name is Gogein Alois Gontoro from Indonesia. You can call me Gogein :slight_smile:
I am a High-End Photo Retoucher and Entrepreneur in creative and design field.
I am new in here and looking forward to making a lot of friends, opportunities in here with Fiverr.
I still need to learn a lot in here. So, please help me to grow and improve myself together with you, guys! Thank you very much :smiley:

Best Regards,
Gogein Alois Gontoro


Welcome aboard! Greetings from Bangladesh! :leopard:
I’m new too, 6 days older :wink:


Hello @n4y33m! Lol. I am almost 1 day older… Still very baby haha.
Anyway, cool gigs you have. Congratulations for the great reviews you have :smiley:
Keep up that good work.


Welcome and good luck!

Just read all the info on and the forum, then you got enough to learn for the next few years. :wink:



Hello @miiila! Thank you very much :smiley:

Yes. I am doing that right now. Since several hours ago, I’m “diving” into this forum. Any sections. Quite learned something new.

Have a great day and wish you all the best! :smiley:

Best Regards,
Gogein Alois Gontoro


Greetings and welcome to fiverr, gogeinag :slight_smile:
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Hello @thatsmauri! Thank you very much :smiley:
Good luck, too and hope the best for you!

Best Regards,


I’ve interact with you earlier ,right?
Welcome and Good luck.:slight_smile:


Hello my dear Mrs. Htlr #lol

Thank you very much :smiley: Good luck for you, too!
Where is your friend? haha


He got angry with me,I guess?:joy: