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Greetings from Indonesia


Hi Friends, My name is Flykosa.
i joined Fiverr since about 2 weeks ago, i’ve already sold 4 gigs but that is from another seller. so i know i will never get a review from that gigs even when i have already do my best with it. at least he is always give another job when there is available.
but i consider this is a good start for me to provide more better services for the buyers.

best regards,


Why won’t you get a review, even if you’re selling to a seller? When I buy gigs I always review them anyway… That doesn’t make a lot of sense…


i think he doesn’t want his buyers recognized that he gave the job to someone else? me & my seller are in the same field of category of the gigs btw


Get out of that position, man. You don’t want to be working for someone only to resell your stuff for more in exactly the same place you’re selling.


yes i will, thanks for the advice Pedro.
i also trying to make my gigs better with reading a lot of good stuff in this forum.
still alot to be learned.


For sure!

Very important points:

  1. Don’t underprice yourself. It’s good to get the first 5 or 10 reviews, but never sell on the cheap specially if you’re not even getting reviews. It’s not worth it. Aim for quality over quantity. Better paying costumers are also, somewhat paradoxically, the most patient, understanding, and fair (in my experience).

  2. Perfect English on gig descriptions and profile. Lots of English speaking buyers on the platform, and they will be driven away by broken English.

3)Gig videos! They really do drive up the sales :slight_smile:


that’s a thousand $ advice for me, thank you and thank you again for your advices.
i will try to work out on that, especially point number 2-3.


If you need help for the video, you know where to find me :slight_smile: I specialise on video services!


sure, i will see you soon Pedro:slight_smile:


i really help full from this topic