GREETINGS from newbie



My name is Maui Reyes, I am an artist based in the Philippines and I just wanted to say HELLO to you all!


thank you so much. Good wishes for you


And also to you my good sir! :smile:


i am a designer and i make logo , banner , poster , flyer and many types of things in designing but i have no order

i am sad for that


That makes two of us then hahaha

Dont worry we’ll get there someday!


yes i hope so ! that


Best wishes my friend!


You want any poster , logo , design , flyer any thing for you


Good luck on Fiverr!



Thank You, and wish you best of luck


thanks and all the best for future


Hello! Enjoy your work on Fiverr. I suggest that you add a portfolio of your work samples. Maybe use the space of the 2 gig images for more than one sample. Or even a YouTube channel. You could make a slideshow video with your work and have a direct link to your Fiverr gig

all the best


Welcome, Maui! :bouquet:


Will do thanks for the tip :smile: