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Greetings from Sweden, do you have a few minutes over?


Glad to see you here, i’m new here on Fiverr and wonder if you could take your time and check out my gig’s and give some feedback.

I put down a lot of hours, deleted a few times, wrote again, deleted again etc. Try to find a structure no one has here on Fiverr and I finely nailed it. But, do you see if i can improve my gigs even more or are my gig good as it is right now? I wan’t your opinion.

I really don’t know what to write on my FAQ section, i would be glad if you could “act” as you where buying from me and if you don’t understand my gig’s and descriptions what would be your questions and thoughts?

If you see i spell wrong somewhere please point it out. Thank you for your time reading this and i hope to hear from you! (-:

Warm Regards.

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Hi - welcome

Remove unlimited revisions - they attract the wrong kind of buyer.

Your prices are too high. You’re brand new to Fiverr, with no track record, no portfolio … and only your word that you can do what you say.

WordPress is a highly competitive category.

Also - your English is very good. However, the past tense of “build” is “built”; “want” doesn’t have an apostrophe … and buyers don’t care what you want - they only care what they want.


Hey, thank you!

“Remove unlimited revisions - they attract the wrong kind of buyer.” what types of buyers are the wrong one i don’t want to attract, who are they? I want to attract all buyers ofc, but need to know who this wrong ones can be?

Yes i noted it, the prices are ■■■■ low, i did not relies this earlier. x’D

Thanks i’ll fix that right away! :slight_smile:

No, you don’t. Believe me. :wink:

The ones that will take your words as an absolute and will keep you working forever. And if you refuse to, they will cancel, ask for refund and CS will grant their plea.

Being so, please do as per @coerdelion’s excellent adivice. It’s for your own good and in your own interest! :wink:


The ones who demand you make revisions for them 3 months after their order was first delivered. Do you still want to be working on a small job come Christmas time? It could happen.


Oh, by the way, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here. :slight_smile:


Freelancing is like the Walking Dead. Think of offering low prices and unlimited revisions as equivocal to going to Times Square in NY after a zombie apocalypse and shouting through a megaphone, "HOT DOGS FOR SALE!"

In short, it will get messy.

You definitely do not want to attract all types of buyers. You may well get buyers who come back after you have delivered an ecomerce store, who say they want the store branding changed, products changed, and essentially a whole new site for a different project. They will try calling that a revision.

Other buyers will come back after months after breaking their site somehow, then ask you to fix it FOC. Others will simply keep asking for revisions that never end, before cancelling or charging back on an order.

You will basically encounter scammers, people happy to work you like a husky pulling a sled of the Sahara, and people who just seem to be completely bonkers. You will come across these people anyway. However, when you offer unlimited revisions, you essentially put up a neon sign which attracts a lot more of them.

Since you are wondering what to put in your FAQ sections, you should probably focus on explaining your revision policy.


congress i m glad to this success

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your description its atractive and to provicetion on this success

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The wrong type of buyers:

The kind that want you to work for free. They will ask for endless revisions, making it impossible to deliver on time, and in turn downright destroying your delivery rate and on-time stats on Fiverr. They will also ask you to do more work than you originally agreed upon, and hold you hostage using the revisions-button. You can still offer revisions in eternity to the buyer, but make sure it comes as an order extra, paid for, and with added time to deliver. You can use the order extras to accomplish this.

Basically, the wrong type of buyer is people who will abuse you. Trust us “veterans” when we say you should remove that - most of us know from experience.

When it comes to your pricing it is difficult to say. I make websites outside of Fiverr, so I’m not too familiar with those gigs here, but considering you’re competing against hundreds, if not thousands of other sellers, who might be (at least on the surface) delivering the same service you do (it’s all about that first impression) at a much lower cost, I imagine you will have a hard time getting much business here on Fiverr to begin with. Once you have a few good reviews, it will be different. But it’s hard to decide on this. Do you want to sell websites for 10 dollars just to get the first sales, or do you want to not sell websites for 150 dollars. Finding that balance is really hard in such a competitive marketplace.

One thing I would do to improve your gig, is to get a good animator and a voice-over, and create a sexy explainer-video to hook your buyers. Having a professional video will increase your chances of getting orders.


Thanks for enlightening me, i understand now the kind of people i don’t want to attract and how they can use me for ever in projects. I’m going to offer very few revisions included in the gigs, 1-3 and if the want more they need to buy extra :smiley:


You’re most welcome @wefixo! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you decided wisely! 1 to 3 revisions is more than enough, and if they want more, make them pay extra! :wink:

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Thank you @ahmwritingco, i now understand the ones i don’t want to attract :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i’m enjoying here and everyone is kind and helpful :slight_smile:

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Thank you @cyaxrex, i like how you explained it. :smiley: Yes i’ll explaining how to use revisions at me, very helpful, thanks again :slight_smile:

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Thank you @vikas1246 :slight_smile:

Thank you @smashradio, good tips, very useful :slight_smile: