Greetings from the land of "Crazy Rich Asians"


Hello there!

I am new here. Originally an actor, I ended up doing hosting and VO gigs.

My other interests are in business and learning new softwares.

Love to learn from everyone’s experience soon!

(Yes. I was a background extra on Crazy Rich Asians and my appearance made it to the cut! During the filming, I was just a few feet away from Sonoya Mizuno!)




Welcome to Fiverr! Lucky guy, being near Sonoya Mizuno! The movie has not been released in Spain yet, I will go when it is and look for you :slight_smile:


image Good luck on Fiverr! :blush:


Hola! Its just for a couple of seconds where I walked past her in the airport haha!

What do you do?


Thank you! You too! :grinning:


Nice! Two wonderful seconds indeed… I am Spanish content writer and translator btw.


Muy bien! I learnt a little Castellano last year. But forgotten most of it! lol


Welcome to fiverr forum