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Greetings from UK


I am Sharon Harvey from the United Kingdom and I want to say hello to everyone in this forum who may happen to view this post. It would be lovely to receive receptive greetings from others in the forum.
I hope my stay in here would be rewarding with you guys as my pals.


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I can feel the warmth in the forum. I am already looking at other posts. They are so much informative contents on this forum.


Lots to learn here. This is a great section on how to get orders:


I am not from UK, but i am in london hope i account.
I am new too, wish you the best of luck


Welcome:) and wish you all the best.


Welcome to fiver, make eye-catching Gigs, post them on social media and make a lot of money. Best of luck!


Welcome @sharon007_247 :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::rose:
Good luck :heartbeat:


:wave: Hello too @sharon007_247 and Welcome to Fiverr & Fiverr forum! :tada::tada::tada:


Welcome to the forum @sharon007_247


Hello Sharon,Welcome in fiverr forum.


Welcome to our family. :slight_smile:


Thanks to you all. I feel so welcome in here.


welcome and best of luck.


welcome!! even i am also new best of luck


Welcome , i am also new here


Thanks to you all that has been a part of my warm welcome. Good luck to you all.


and one more thing try buyer request every day some body is getting an order i am talking about new user i got one too.
wish you luck


@arcodecode Thanks for that piece of advice. I will do as advised.


@ sandy4u1994 You are spamming the forum and also sharing off Fiverr contact details here and in your profile description which is against the Terms of Service. You will find these at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.
Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.