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🇧🇩 Greetings! I'm a new member and want to get acquainted with you from Bangladesh!


Hello everyone! :star_struck:
This is Mamunur Rashid. I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. :bangladesh: I’m new to the community. I’m going to working as a Grpahic Designer. Won’t you wish me Good Luck? :hugs:

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to fiverr, I am from Bangladesh too.

Graphics designer is a competitive niche.

However, Best of luck


wow… really? Nice to meet you @arafatjamil01 :sunglasses:

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Hello & Welcome :wink: :sunflower:

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Welcome @wp_kid :sunflower:
thanks for your comment.

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welcome @mamunurrashid7 to fiverr community

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Welcome to our fiverr community

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Hey, am a new member to and legit have no ideaaaa what’s going on lol.

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welcome to the forum…

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yeah! buddy! wish you best of luck!


Welcome to fiverr family

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Thank you so much. @haiabdul22 :smiley:

Thanks for your reply… :sunglasses: @srarifuzzaman

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I’m a new member. Just Wish me Good Luck. :star_struck: I’ll be happy. @hoorainshahbaz

Welcome to fiverr, I am from Bangladesh

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Hi @rashstyles, thank you.

Thanks for wishing me @ashiq0624 :star_struck:

@shihabpavel Thanks for wishing me :smiley:

Welcome to Fiverr… :+1:

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Welcome and very good luck!

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