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Greetings, i'm a new translator on fiverr


My name is José and im from México, I just started using fiverr based on a recommendation of a friend of mine.
I’m in the translation department, I translate between English and Spanish, it’s been hard to come up with a way to let me be known on the site since there’s a lot of competition with other translators, even more so I think it’s the most competitive language pair I’ve seen.
I just started several days ago and im just getting the hang of it, posted two gigs already and im in hopes to land my first sale soon, if there’s anything you need translated or transcript just send me a message.
I also accept any recommendations/commentaries from my profile or gigs that you set fit, anything that could help me make a better impression of myself and my gigs.
Thank you for reading, have a nice day.
Best regards. :grinning: