Greetings! New to Fiverr so, lets Brag :D


I am Wasi. Python Enthusiast, Javascript admirer, thinker, day dreamer, night owl + an introvert with exceptions. :wink:
I love scripting specially with Python. Automation, Web scraping, Data Analysis, bug hunting. These things attract me a lot. I also love Web Development (worked professionally on this domain).
I’m looking forward to spend 20-25 hours per week to freelance works.
Please, feel free to take a look at my gigs that I created some days ago. And, let me know how you feel about it. If you have any suggestions to improve them, do suggest in the comment.
With my first gig, I delivered my first order.
A simple Web scraping task. That buyer was really helpful, provided requirements clearly and adequately. After successful delivery, He made a 5 star review and, also encouraged me with a tip greater than the actual bidding price.
I am looking forward to provide the following services right now:

  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Django Website from scratch/ Modification
  • Fix Website Bugs
  • Any kind of Scripting
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Analysis
  • Automation
  • Consultancy (Share my experience)
    so, if you are looking for one of these services. Please, feel free to message me



The fiverr academy and forum is your friend.

That was some bragging!


Actually, cropped the original content to half as it was flagged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t you think you’re misusing the forum?


Hi, will you elaborate a bit more on this? I was just trying to get introduced with other members and,
I would love to know your perspective on this post (why you think its a misuse)


If Its against community rules/standards, I humbly apologize. I will hide/delete this if you comment with a proper reference that clarifies the issue.


Hey, not to worry. I just checked and you are in order. No need to fear. It’s my mistake.

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