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Greetings seller/ buyers 🤗👋

Hi… Im franz new to fiverr. Tbh, ever since i was in physical jobs world, and i dnt regret it… It makes my body strong & i felt healthy all the time.
I was forced to go for online jobs becoz Covid made my body weak, i cant lift no more like in the old days, im gasping for breathe easily. I hope i can work here too, and hoping someone teach me do’s and donts about my new world here. God bless everyone & keep safe.


Hello. Welcome to Fiverr.

For the do’s and don’ts you could read the Terms of Service page at:

And also the policy pages linked to from that.

You could also read:

eg. I’d be careful of the bit where it says:

Do not post, offer, or ask for:
…Positive or negative feedback on any product, service, or performance.

…Followers, traffic, visitors, fans, views on social media platforms, or any other fake engagement on any platform.


Thank you so much :pray::blush:

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