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Greetings to all Fiverr members!

Hello Fiverrs, I’m new here and i already publish some Gigs, My abilities are related to VBA Programming, Photoshop Designing, and also Pencil Draw (This last will have a Gig soon).

Soon I’ll be publishing new Gigs to share more of my abilities with our fiverr customers


Hi Flavio Lopes! Make a concert for any your capacity is a good way to present yourself. I’m making the same and wait my first goal. Welcome and good luck!

Greeting, Flavio and welcome to the Fiverr community.

I saw the gigs you offer right now, I think they are interesting and wish you the best of luck with them!
There are a few things you might want to fix with them, but other ways I wish you success in your Fiverr career!

Welcome to fiverr… Good luck

image Good luck on Fiverr! :sunny: