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Greetings to all! I am new at fiverr


I opened Fiverr account a few days ago and create a new gig as a web developer. If you like can visit my gig.
Now I am feeling confused cause, I am online here but in search result online filter doesn’t show my gig online. I don’t know what’s the problem…

Also you can suggest me anything beneficial. I will be glad to you.

Thank you.


you should go for Support and Help line


Go to Settings and in Account Tab see if the online status has set to offline.


What you see in the search results, is not what other people see. Other people may see you online. Don’t worry about the “online now” feature. Focus on creating a gig that appeals to your target customers, wherever they are. If they want to hire you, they’ll do so, whether you are online or not.


I think you’re right. Rather I should focus on my gig. Thanks buddy

I turned it on. Thanks for your suggestion

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