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Greetings to everyone! How it's going?

I’m a newbie 3D artist, if you need good quality 3d model (character or enviroment) - feel free to ask me.

You can see my recent Gigs here:
3D low-poly character creation
3D character sculpt creation

And may the Force be with you :wink:


Welcome to

I saw your profile and gigs, it looks good and you are really good at it. Hope you find good buyers soon.

Just to point it out, I think you have a typo mistake on your gig, it shouldn’t be " HIGHT DETAILED SCULPT" right? or “HIGH DETAILED SCULPT

I hope it helps. :v:


These are my gigs:

  1. Single Page Application with Reactjs
  2. Image to code

Can you suggest me How to improve my gigs ?

Thanks for your suggestion

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Thank you very much, Raydvard! Sometimes it’s hard to reveal all typos for yourself, especially when English is not your native language)


welcome to fiverr family and best wishes​:heart::heart:


welcome here, we will surely utilize your services whenever we need. best luck :+1:

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