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Grouping Together Custom Offers with Orders

The custom offers feature is great but the the biggest problem (according to my experience) is that there is no way to group together custom offers with other orders.

My long-time Fiverr shopping habit is to place orders in the shopping cart until there is 4 or more, so that I can pay the lowest possible 0.25/processing fee per order.

If someone send me a custom offer; I have to purchase it individually for a $1 processing fee.

And often end up negotiating with the seller so that I can order directly from their gig page – and thus wasting my time. So please. Can we have the feature to group together custom offers with other orders… please!!!


I didn’t realize the processing fee was lower if you had at least four orders in your cart.
It’s only an additional 75 cents processing fee for a custom order though so that’s not a huge amount.

Well, there is a onother percentage deducted from the seller as well. So maybe to be fair, it should be also group orders for sellers, if it works like you said

Well I have 756 completed orders in my account currently.

If I pay $0.25/order that is $189 in processing fees.
If I pay $1/order that is $756 in processing fees.

If I can save that, why not.
Also grouping orders has just become a habit. And habits are hard to break :slight_smile:

$1 deducted from seller, is deducted from every $5. nothing to do with processing fees.

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You can create a team account to save money. That’s what I have done. I created this thread a few weeks ago.

Why every buyer should have a Team Account


Wow. Had no idea about this. I cannot thank you enough.
Back in the days Fiverr had a simple prepay option but they got rid of it.

This is a life saver!

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