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Grow your sales in unique way


Hi Fiverr Sellers,

I’m going to share my method for grow your sales in unique way. As a graphic designer, I searched on google for websites which having online selling and contact the admin and sent a mail introducing fiverr to them, saying my experience in fiverr and what I can do for them. And also sent mails for owners of blogs , websites saying I will do any graphic design related works on their site. Only limited mails per day.

And after doing this for a month and checked my stats everyday. I noticed my clicks are increasing on the gig and met some new buyers which I contacted. Then, It’s working but not easy. You have to work hard to achieve your goals. This is not something about getting clicks on your gigs. Contact websites, blogs, forums, social media pages which related to your service. Be careful not to be a headache to someone.Just contact him in a friendly way admiring his web/blog/service then tell about your gig. this will help to meet new buyers to fiverr and increase your sales as well.

Looking for others’ experience who are doing this.



Informative, It will be helpful for my first project on Fiverr.


not agree. sending message to any user by any mean on fiverr can be harmful . a single report by the receiver can be considered as spam.


she actually did not talk about sending messages to other users on fiverr. what she said was to go outside of fiverr to promote one’s gig to others, inviting them to fiverr


I guess you didn’t read that post
Maybe! Maybe not!


Wow, I had thought of this in the past but never tried it, I think it is high time I took action


its a very good Idea to improve my sale More


good idea for improving gig grow


Hey i have thought this some months ago but i never did it. Well done you work so hard for your profile. I think i will give it a try too. Thanks for the idea.

Maria S.


May be this strategy really work :heart:
Thanks for your information :hugs:


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That is the best you did Jhon. Wish you good luck for ahead.


Really this method is something very much effective , while searching for potential client to grab their attention.


very strong idea, I loved this tips


I don’t think is a good method, you drive traffic to a marketplace where they can find a lot of graphic designer and you had no guarantees that potential buyers orders your gig.


good idea, its help to drive traffic


It’s not only getting a order from the exact visitor. You will recive clicks and impressions on your gig. And also fiverr Customer base will increase. It will helpful for all fiverr sallers. Isn’t it?


Hope you haven’t read my article completly. It’s not something just ask to buy your gig. You should explain about fiverr and your service too. I’m doing this for months ago and didn’t got any bad experience with them and mostly they are writting “sorry I’m not interesting” who don’t like to visit fiverr.


Good idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow nice :slight_smile: I will try this. Thank you Dear