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Growing number of amateur and annoying buyers

Fiverr is the best freelancing website according to me. No doubt! But we need a new option for sellers, that allow them to accept or decline the order. Let me explain what happened with me.

After months of hard work, I was on the verge of becoming a level 2 seller. But my order completion rate was 91%, still enough to pass the evaluation. The order rate decreased to 91% in the first place because of some buyers who placed orders without even reading my gig’s description. None of their requirements were in the scope of my gig so I had to cancel the orders. I do not accept the work that is not in the scope of my knowledge.
Yesterday, a buyer placed an order without asking me anything and then gave me his requirements in just 5 words. I asked for more details and he repeated the same 5 words. It was never in the scope of my gig or knowledge. So I messaged RC and described them the situation. They replied, either ask for more time and details, or you will have negative affect on your gig if you cancel the order. I couldn’t afford more canceled orders, so I asked the buyer for more time and details. I got no reply and then Fiverr canceled my order.

Now my order completion rate is 88% and i think on the next evaluation day, I will be demoted from level 1.

I am extremely disappointed. If anyone official from Fiverr is reading this, please think about adding an option where the seller can accept or decline the order, because some buyers place orders without reading descriptions or contacting sellers. These are just my thoughts so sellers can provide better service. :slight_smile:

And if anyone here knows what will happen on the evaluation, please reply.

Just my thoughts! Thanks.


I think this was suggested by many sellers and is yet to be considered by the Fiverr team. You can try get the rate to 90% before the evaluation if you have orders coming up.


I agree ! there must be an option for sellers either to accept the order or not.
This happens to me also, a buyer sends an order for minimum amount on my gig and want way more work than the amount, they don’t even read description and take our order as hostage.
Fiverr must think about this ,at least they should give sellers some relief .

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It is frustrating sometimes. But don’t get your hopes up, nothing will be done as usual.

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Yes! Some buyers exactly do the same.

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I think Fiverr cares more about buyer’s comfort!

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If Fiver didn’t care about sellers, then they wouldn’t let you offer the services that you are good at here on Fiverr. If they didn’t care, there would be no freedom to succeed here on Fiverr, because Fiverr would pick who they want to allow on this site, they would tell you what you have to sell, and they wouldn’t let you keep 80% of all revenue.

Fiverr cares about buyers and sellers. This pervasive “Fiverr doesn’t care about sellers” nonsense needs to stop being passed around like truth. It isn’t true. It is false, and the very success of creative pro-market sellers, here on this site, is 100% proof of it.

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