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Growing Trend - Revision Button

Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well. As this has happened more than few times for the month, I’m just going to rant a bit to carry down the blood pressure lol. I’ve noticed a growing trend of persons clicking the ‘Revision’ button and stating 'I’ll get back to you later." and then disappears without mentioning what they need done.

Has anyone else been experiencing this greatly over the course of this month?



Me, I say, let’s add 10-20 days till you get back because delivering late may affect my ranking. And if the buyer agrees, it’s ok. This trick works for me.

Clicking the ‘Revision’ button doesn’t cause the order to go late, for me the issue is when a buyer clicks it without offering any direction, it’s a little pet peeve of mine as it counts to me as abuse of the ‘Revision’ button in a similar manner in which a seller shouldn’t deliver a blank delivery.


I hate when this happens too.