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Why is it so difficult to find graphic artists who can read and follow instructions ? Has any buyer have good success with even one graphic artist ?

One. He did my current profile picture, and even did it a day early. Plus was extremely friendly as well.

Sure. There are many good graphic artists on Fiverr. When it comes to finding one who can follow instructions, though, the biggest obstacle I have had is making sure we can communicate in the same language. If you are multi-lingual it’s easier.

Regardless, before you place an order with someone (no matter what country they are in) I would suggest two things. Make sure they have samples up of some kind and check them on the web to make sure they are not just copied from online.

If the samples are good enough for you, message the seller explaining what you need and then ask the seller some very specific questions. See how they reply. I don’t care if it’s a Top Rated Seller or a level zero, if you can’t communicate, you won’t have the best possible experience.

Some sellers may not have time to answer the questions you ask and that is fine, you can find someone who will. When you find a seller with good samples who answers questions well in a language that you both can use, you will have a much better chance of having a good overall experience.

I feel like it works both ways. I have repeatedly asked for clarification on things only to be treated like a moron and ended up cancelling. And even when people speak the same language, sometimes I think things get lost in type.