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Grrr it finally happened to me

From Email:

"Hi ardicus, We have been informed that a dispute was opened for your order F***********: create a family testimonial or review. As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that are put on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it. If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team "

Granted it was a $10 gig but still It finally happened… It was bound to happen and I just wasn’t expecting the email today… I looked at it and it was actually from Feb 8th… HEH oh well let it be I guess… OR if I see my video on his site… I will inform him to take it off… who knows… Fiverr has no guarantees except for the buyer lol.

Anyhow It was about time I guess it happens eventually to us all. Count me in that club.Not mad just disappointing really.

Yes,I received something like that today too :slight_smile:

Sorry @ardicus and @cre8iveartwork! I hope when my turn comes its a small one. Sure sucks!! I hope those mean disputers get fleas in their armpits!!

I have a question about chargebacks and maybe you guys know the answer: If a person initiates a chargeback against, say, JC Penny, saying that they never received the clothes that they ordered online, does PayPal give JC Penny the chance to dig up their delivery reports and prove that the package arrived at that person’s house?

I’m wondering because according to PayPal (and I know that’s not the only method of payment buyers can use, I’m just being specific for the sake of asking), a chargeback is only considered legitimate if the item didn’t arrive, was “significantly different,” from what advertised, or the card/account was used fraudulently.

Now, there’s not a lot a seller can do to prove that the account wasn’t used fraudulently, though, if I were PayPal, logging on to Fiverr and making a $10 or even a $200 purchase seems like a weird route to take after hacking someone’s account. However, there is plenty a seller could do to prove that A) the buyer filing the chargeback received what they paid for and B) that it was what was advertised. All deliveries are time and date stamped. The website really wants you to attach something to the delivery, and I think in most peoples’ cases, it would be pretty easy to prove that you’d done the work.

I don’t know, I just find it weird that Fiverr’s first response isn’t to communicate with the seller whose money is about to be stolen and let them provide the screenshots and/or account access that PayPal or w/e type of payment would need in order to see that the seller didn’t scam the buyer. Obviously, there are some instances in which the seller really did scam the buyer, but Fiverr is pretty quick to reprimand sellers if they’re made aware of that behavior.

I am a little wary of taking on large orders because I know how easy it would be for a buyer to get that money back, after they’ve already used my work. That’s probably too much paranoia for something that’s happened only once to me the whole time I’ve been here, but, yeah.

Well proof is where it is. If you delivered through fiverr then fiverr COULD us that as proof that work was delivered. I mean come on… we work deliver the work and fiverr keeps record on it with the order number… It would be nice for fiverr to step up and defend that, as card issuers or paypal would accept proof that the item was delivered… especially when the buyer rated the gig.

Why do you think it was bound to happen? Where you violating the ToS for third party sites?

No, not at all… Some buyers will dispute fiverr charges because they want "free stuff or using fraudulant cards to purchase. It is common here on fiverr with these tales of woe from sellers… Its sad really.

So when they dispute with their card service or paypal, they usually win. Every seller will have at least one in their lifetime at fiverr unfortunately.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I agree with @ardicus, Fiverr already has the proof of order completion - that’s what the entire system is for.

The only explanation (guess) I can come up with is that Fiverr doesn’t want to rock the boat with PayPal. I suspect that proportionately, Fiverr buyers initiate chargebacks/disputes more often than at other online ‘retailers’. Partly because so much of Fiverr’s deliverables are digital or otherwise intangible, and partly because a good bit is disreputable by nature. If buyers think they deserve a Fiverr refund for not getting good ROI on Terms-breaking, fake orders, why wouldn’t they want a refund from PayPal, where they can get an actual refund instead of credit? Which is also another probable reason why Fiverr buyers could be a bigger potential liability to reputations - both PayPal’s and Fiverr’s. It’s better to write off the commissions than to lose a relationship with PayPal.

Reply to @ardicus: yes, that is true. It’s like running any kind of business, someone is going to bounce a check at some point…

Reply to @itsyourthing: I completely agree Fiverr does not want to rock the boat with Paypal, they use paypal to pay the sellers as well so they have a vested interested to keep the relationship strong…

I also agree that buyers probably do initiate disputes much more often and some are fraudulent as well.

I left a review for a site, then the person later did a PayPal charge back. I was tempted to go back and edit my review to say, "Don’t eat here. I saw the waiters mixing the soup with their junk."

In the end, I didn’t, just in case the guy never meant to do it. Sure is annoying though. Thankfully that gig only took me 2 minutes to do.

I wish Fiverr went with a no charge backs allowed on orders under $25. Most credit card companies won’t let you dispute something under $50. It’s not exactly fraud if somebody walked away with your $8.

I also think Fiverr needs to start requiring content from the buyers like connecting their Linkedin profile. I’m tired of messages from JankyDoo8482. If everybody had to verify their professional real world selves things would be less shadey.

I know people worry about security. It would raise the klout of Fiverr if buyers and sellers shared more publically. You would never do a chargeback on $10 if things were public.

Testimonials is in general a shadey area. I took down my Amazon review gig because low lifes abound in this category buying negative reviews against their competition.

Reply to @sincere18: Wow. In a bad mood today?

Reply to @emasonwrites: I think that PayPal has offerings for businesses that want to have more protection for their own clients. I haven’t sold on Ebay in a long time but if I remember right, they were one of the first that had a special relationship with PayPal and PayPal/Ebay offered a kind of “insurance” so that there was more security with transactions. (I think Ebay bought PayPal or PayPal bought Ebay later too, but I’m being lazy and not fact checking.) Anyway, I imagine those options are still available for any business that works with PayPal, but I don’t think Fiverr would even consider investing big money in something like that. If I get “unlazy” enough I’ll double check myself on that and edit. I’m just a sloth right now.

Reply to @sara1984:

sara1984 said: "Don't eat here. I saw the waiters mixing the soup with their junk."
I'd almost buy a gig from you just to have you publish that somewhere! lol

And now a $30 one just hit for reversal… wow… It hurts to see funds get affected like that. Fiverr we need to have something in place to protect sellers from this. Why have the 14 day fund clearing time… if its pointless with these reversals.

-I say if it passes the 14 days, the seller should be protected PERIOD… Fiverr can fight these with proof of delivery of items requested IF and ONLY if its disputed by the buyer his/herself.

[Start defending us sellers trying to make a living please!]

-Fraudulent credit cards obviously you want to give the money back on a charge back.

Reply to @emily_logo:

flagged for spamming… DON’t spam the forums, especially in posts not related to your stuff!

Not to mention, it takes away more work that we have done…

Example: to repay that $25 it takes away time and effort from 6 yes that is SIX smaller $5 Gigs… Of which may have taken 4-5 hours total.