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Grrr it finally happened to me

ardicus said: -I say if it passes the 14 days, the seller should be protected PERIOD... Fiverr can fight these with proof of delivery of items requested IF and ONLY if its disputed by the buyer his/herself.

Damn straight.

Hey all - I’m new here and after reading a lot about it on the forums, extremely paranoid to withdraw funds and actually spend them on expenses for fear someone will charge back months down the road. I had a client order a large job $500, not really communicate throughout I fulfilled it expecting to have a least a few revisions, but didn’t hear back. The job completed automatically and they never left a review. A few days after that the buyer messaged asking where the files were they paid for (I had a screen shot showing where they were uploaded) but I sent them again. They said thanks…but now I’m fearful they will decide to have a charge back later on. I really am uncomfortable on Fiverr and want to suspend my account…but am now doubly afraid to do that for fear that maybe they will want a revision 3 months from now and I’m not there so they chargeback. How often would you say this kind of thing happens and should I be working myself into a small panic attack? If buyer’s jobs autocomplete is that a sign of bad things to come? Thanks!